Sunday, February 17, 2008

Just to Prove ...

... that I am keeping my word ... OR ... that I am crazy....

See, I promised myself when I became a Mom that my child would never go a day without spending at least part of it out of doors. I call it, the "No Child Left Inside" program. And when I made this promise, I must have failed to take into consideration that I live in Northern Maine. I mean, February is **cold**, really ***cold***. And even though European and Canadian blood flows trough my veins, I must have also failed to consider that my son is Haitian... and his people have never felt a -20 degree wind chill in their lives.

But a promise is a promise. And I truly do see the benefits of daily fresh air and sunshine. So, Isaac and I venture out every day. Sometimes Daddy joins us. Always the dogs do. And on a rare occasion, we might see a neighbor. Sometimes we venture till we are hungry and tired. Other times we might make it to the mailbox and back.

And some days I take my camera with me, just to prove (though I don't know to who) that we really are crazy.... I mean, committed!



This Mama said...

I love the new look of your blog... child left inside, lol (I liked that)
I am a part of the same program ;)
It is a little easier where we live though (despite being in Canada) as we rarely dip below zero. Lucky us eh? But I do miss the snow as I am a Northern Ontario girl.
(ps I moved blog addys yet again! Can you believe it?)

Varenia Jensen said...

lol! i love it! no child left inside, well i think we are the california chapter! we completely hear you, especially with the little ones we MUST venture out of doors often, and we are all always happier afterward! thanks for reminding me the importance of getting out, even in "inclimate" weather (yes, to me 60 degrees and no rain is "inclimate" hehehe)... you have a lovely family!