Thursday, February 28, 2008

An Open Letter to Family & Friends:

Dear Family & Friends,

As some of you know, Halis and I have decided to unschool (similar to homeschooling but not quite) our son and any subsequent children. We are very secure in this decision and are quite excited about it. However, we recognize that many of our loved ones are going to have questions about whether or not this is "right" for our child. We know that concern comes from Love ... but we don't feel the need to defend our decision just as we don't expect others to defend their choice to send their kids to public or private schools. Yet, we fully understand that some of our family members may simply not have any knowledge about the subject, and we are certainly willing to share information and dispel any myths.

I recently came across a couple of things that I thought I would share with you all - in case anyone has a desire to learn more about our choice. Here is an excellent resource on the subject: Click anywhere and you will find the info you need to any questions you may have (and that way you won't feel awkward asking us:) And better yet, you can check out some real life familes as they unschool their children by visiting the various blogs found here:

Here are some great YouTube videos on the subject as well:
Dayna Martin's Family Blog is also a great insight into the unschooling life: (Their family is sure to surprise you in how they just don't fit into anyone's stereotype of an unschooling family. I love it!) As well as Soule Mama's blog: (MY PERSONAL FAVORITE).

Also, I recently came across this FUNNY article that I thought I would share as well. Please remember that it is meant to be funny and eye-opening ... not to be offensive. And in all truth, I would like to carry it around in my pocket, and hand it to anyone that has a negative comment about homeschooling or unschooling:

Well, we hope these resources help. And if you do have any questions, we are happy to answer them - so long as they are asked with respect for our decision. And if you are thinking, "Ummm... I really don't care what you do with your kid...." Well, we welcome that too :)

Lots of Love,

Jodi, Halis & Isaac


This Mama said...

How about "I think it is an awesome decision"?!?

Good for you guys for making a decision that is right for your family, and for chosing your own path VS the mainstream. We all have our own values, and I am so on board with your priorities!

Take care,

Crystal said...

I had never heard of Unschooling America until this post. Interesting and thought provoking. I firmly belive you know whats right for your family, so congrats!

I found your link for the homeschool list very very funny. Thanks for sharing. :)

Anonymous said...

Dear Jodi and Halise,
What a great adventure it is going to be! I'm so glad you are a team, and I'm so happy for the kind of family you've become. My own confidence grows as a homeschooling mom with every small step, every new situation I find myself becoming strong,and becoming brave. It's really a lot like birthing actually, you either believe in the depth of your being that your body knows what to do and birth is safe or your confidence is in mans' manipulations just as you either believe a child desires out of wonder and curiosity to learn or you believe in mans' contrived/imposed structures. Issac is going to flourish because of the way you love. Ange

Paula said...

I am one of the dummies that don't know what Unschooling is, but have heard the phrase recently quite a few times. Thanks for the links. I'm going to check them out and Congrats on your decision. You and you alone know what's best for your family.
Love the picture you used at the top of this post!

Perla said...

Hello FRIEND!!! I have been out of the blog world for a very long time and then a couple weeks ago was drawn in by my sisters. So, I came and found you again! Yeah! (By the way, this is Shannon). I look forward to reading these links and I ABSOLUTELY respect your decision about Isaac because you are incredible people with an amazing amount of love and intelligence. I am so happy when people are not judgmental about the choices they make for their family. I am proud of you, also, for not caring. Right now Grace is attending public kindergarten, half day, and she loves it. I get to volunteer each week and am very impressed with the teacher and the methods. However, if there is ever a point that I don't feel that public ed is the way for her to go, I will definitely be doing it myself and so I'm always grateful to learn more to prepare myself. Love you!