Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine's Day Bliss.

Daddy had to go in late to work today as he needed to meet a repair man here this morning. So, Isaac and I took it as an opportunity to give Daddy a special Valentine's Day treat ... a homemade triple-chocolate brownie breakfast! What bliss --- to have Daddy enjoy a weekday morning with us --- to warm our bellies with gooey brownies and hot coffee --- to exchange gifts of love --- and to simply enjoy one another. These moments are all too rare.
As for the gift exchanges... Daddy spoiled us this year! Isaac got some great Maine-made jam and a Lightning McQueen card that sings a tune when opened. Mommy got a Mr. Rogers book (my fave), a Digital Photography book that I have been wanting, and a beeswax skin-healing bar. Daddy got a homemade card and a picture collage for him to hang up at work.

No roses, no jewelry boxes ... just the practical & the appreciated. Just the way we like it :)

Enjoy your Valentine's Day.

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Paula said...

Sounds like you had an awesome day. Brownies for breakfast...hmm...I'm so all over that!!