Sunday, March 9, 2008

An Artist ...

... Should Not Be Bogged Down by Housework ... It only Stunts Creativity.

The new house will have creative space, but for the next couple weeks, I am stuck with my kitchen table and counter. I almost cannot believe that I am sharing this photo with you all. Fabric and ribbons everywhere ... totes full of supplies strewn all over. But this is life. Real life. And we have been eating around the coffee table so as to accomodate Mommy's need to create (thank you Isaaac & Daddy). Soon, I hope to be settled into my new jolly, super-organized and bountiful creative space. But until then, the above photo pretty much depicts how we have been living these days.

Soon...soon... maybe if I click my heels .... and simply say... three times ... "There's No Place Like Home, There's No Place Like Home, There's No Place ....."


Perla said...

I love that you can be honest with us and I love that your kitchen table also is your creative space for now. I did have my own creative space once and will again someday. So, tell me, where are you living now and where are you moving to???

Eth Lambert said...

When are you guys moving? I'll be home for a couple days later in the month; any chance Gillian and I could drop by your Corinna home one last time if you'll still be there?