Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Good Clean Fun ...

I am not one for "bells & whistles" type toys in our home. Give me some Goodwill or hand-me-down little "men", a storage container full of water & bubbling Ivory soap, a towel to put it all on ... and I will show you a happy little boy who is cheerfully occupied for hours. Yes, I have to change his outfit at least 3 times or more, but it is worth it to watch him create some amazing diving adventures in these waters. I guess it helped that Mr. Rogers talked about Scuba Diving this morning --- peaking Isaac's interest in water play today.

Gotta love simplicity. Gotta love Mr. Rogers. Gotta love the imaginings of an almost 3-year old.

Which, by the way, that almost 3-year old turns 3 TOMORROW! Amazing, eh? I want to both smile and cry. It is such sweet sorrow to watch your babies grow up. There is so much I miss about his younger years. But so much I look forward to as he grows. Either way, I am so glad to be a part of it all.

Enjoy your babies :)

~ Jodi

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