Sunday, March 2, 2008

Buy Handmade (please). It's Good For All Of Us.

So, we all know that there are a million and one reasons why it is better for you, your community, the earth, your kids, the economy, etc. for you to buy handmade goods, right? Well, if you can't think of at least a couple good reasons let me remind you of the lead paint issues with Chinese imports and that Free Trade does not equal Fair Trade ... just for starters.

In recent years, I have become quite convinced that handmade is best. And on every occasion, I try to support local artisans by purchasing my gifts and home decor from Etsy (unless of course I can make it myself :)

And now, I invite you to take the handmade pledge as well:

I Took The Handmade Pledge!

And perhaps you can take that pledge JUST IN TIME to check out my Etsy shop ... JUST UPDATED TODAY (as promised). However, as I stated before, I plan to do another update next week as well (some goodies didn't quite get finished in time).

Thank you & Enjoy.



Perla said...

Such great stuff, Jodi! I'm so proud of you! I am definitely putting those notecards on my wishlist for next birthday (or Mother's Day or whatever comes next where Jason needs a good gift idea!)

Anonymous said...

hi jodi, am glad i logged on and saw your spring sale yesterday. its all pretty. lots of work. i especially like the banners for seasons. cause its such a great idea. and i love the one i bought. i'll have to check back in the summertime to see if you've made some then to. thanks again, gail

This Mama said...

Awesome, the shop is looking great and I fully agree with you that handmade is best. It's getting others to buy handmade for your children that is more tricky!! I LOVE Etsy.

bettyninja said...

I stopped by your shop too and very much enjoyed looking at all your wonderful goodies. I love the scottie dogs and the little golden book journals.