Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Finally! They're Here!

I am so excited to debut some of my photography note cards on Etsy. It has been a not-so-secret passion of mine to take my photography to the next level --- retail sales. Though I consider myself a true novice in the field of photography, I am incredibly passionate about it ... and about my subjects. My hope is that others will find inspiration in some of my work, and will want to bring it into their lives or the lives of others. What better compliment or motivation ... though honestly, the joy photography brings to me is *almost* motivation enough.

So, here is the debut of my first note card collection " CELEBRATION of SPRING".

Thank you for looking!



P.S. I am also quite willing to sell these at wholesale prices to those interested in buying in bulk to re-sell in their own shops. Thanks!


Perla said...

great job, Jodi! they are FANTASTIC!!!

bettyninja said...

Your cards look super sweet! What nice photographs