Thursday, March 20, 2008

Welcome Spring! (Sort of ...)

Welcome Spring!

Happy Birthday Mom! You are the greatest :)

Happy Birthday to the late Mister Rogers! (Are you wearing your sweater today?)

Now, Universe/God/Creator, it is officially "Spring" now so I am begging you to bring on the sun. I mean, down on my knees pleading. I am ready to negotiate. At least stop the snow - please. Or lift some of the clouds. Let the sun peak through a bit so we can be sure it is still there. I promise to appreciate it. I really do! I will bask in its warmth daily. Please consider my pleas. Oh - and the pleas of my Mom - who is begging you for the same. And its her birthday. Come on, be a sport.

FYI: The above photo was taken last year at this time. If I showed you the weather outside today, it might only make me cry ... snow, rain and lots of clouds. So, I am instead showing a hopeful photo.

I am hopeful ... forever hopeful.

I hope that the first day of Spring is lovely where you are. Truly. No hard feelings if you are enjoying the sun and lack of snow where you are ... just please send inspirational photos and maybe put in a good word for Maine in your prayers :)


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Perla said...

Hey! i did wear my favorite sweater today--a solid khaki hoody. :) and it also rained here, which caused Addie to get very angry since she knew today was the first day of spring and in her mind that meant she would get to go swimming or something.