Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Daddy's New Toy.

Mama got Daddy a Nikon D60 for Christmas ... partly because he expressed interest in learning photography ... and partly because I want a photography buddy. Either way, he is totally enjoying it. I also gave him David Busch's D60 Guide ... and he has been reading it veraciously. I have a feeling that my photography buddy is soon going to surpass my amateur level of expertise ... and we may end up getting a little competitive (as usual --- have I ever told you that we compete each year at Christmas to see who can generate the most Christmas cards to be sent to our home? I won this year).

Well, Halis has already set up a Flickr account: A Dad In Love. And his first pic is of our son and my Dad --- eating pancakes on Christmas morning. I love it. And I look forward to the beautiful pics he will take in the future.

Enjoy the camera Daddy --- soon we will be having a friendly competition over whose photos can generate the most flickr comments :)



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Anonymous said...

Babe You win the "Christmas Card Contest" every year! That is something that lacks competition!