Friday, December 5, 2008

Wild Dill.

In my pursuit of a toy train for Isaac --- wanting one that was locally made and lead paint free --- I found Wild Dill, an amazing online toy store that sells locally made, all natural toys. They not only have some of the nicest products for kids that I have ever seen, but they also gift wrapped my entire order for free. Their prices are fair, their toys are healthy, and their service is great. I highly recommend these folks for your Holiday gift giving.

And if you plan to do some shopping on their site, I have two checkout codes you may wish to use:

Free Shipping on your order of $65 or more: Thanks1

$10 off your order of $65 or more: Thanks2



P.S. A friend sent me this link --- a great resource for searching out "healthy toys".

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Missy said...

just wanted to say hi! hope your doing well and adjusting to your new home :)