Saturday, December 13, 2008

Secret Santas.

I think I finally know what I want to be when I grow up : a Secret Santa. The "real" kind. The kind that belongs to a Secret Santa Society. The kind that goes around spreading wealth and good deeds to unsuspecting people. I would wear a big white mustache and beard (along with my red Santa hat) so that no one would recognize me ... and I would pass out $100 bills, candy, hugs, and good deeds. I would be like Larry Stewart ... a modern day superhero ... and the "original" Secret Santa. And I would learn the secret of life, just as he did ... that it feels oh-so good to give. That giving IS receiving. And that we are all ONE.

I am not a millionaire, so I will start small. But I have no doubt that the universe (God) provides us all that we need in order to do what we feel called to do. What a wonderful world. Thanks Larry.



Sarah and Tim said...

I does feel so good to give. As a start, you may check with a local agency and provide Christmas for a family who might not otherwise be able to gift one another... just a thought. Knowing that you helped a child receive a present on christmas, and helped the parent(s), is just priceless!

Kait said...

Sounds like a good career goal!