Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Slightly Naughty Pins.

1 Stack of Multi-Colored Cardstock
1 Stack of Vintage Magazines
1 Friend w/ an Excellent (& slightly warped) Sense of Humor
1 Bottle of Jim Beam
1 Bottle of Coke

Mix all together ... with wild abandon ... while the kids are playing Wii ... and here is what you get ...

Ahhh ... that was fun! My fave is the lovely woman who is surrounded by the words "Free From Constipation Worries". I felt so innocently-naughty while making some of these silly pins ... ya know ... like when you were a little child and you belted out a swear while you were all alone... innocent enough ... but also deliciously naughty :)

There are many "naughtier" ones that will not be shown here ... but I swear that they were my girlfriend's idea! Really. She's such a rebel. My Mom thinks she is a bad influence on me. I think she is prime best-friend material. We plan to get "naughty" again tomorrow. Woo-hoo!

Enjoy your day.




Artful Spirit said...

LOL, too funny! I love friends like that! I miss mine:( Now I seem to be the bad influence!

Have a great day!

Dr. Russ said...

I did the same thing but turned them into magnets. They are always the first thing to sell out at my table during craft fairs.

Perla said...

those are hilarious! yes, make some magnets, too! sounds like some good fun!!!

Pampered Mom said...

Love the pins! Reminds me of something of the more mass produced things we've seen in stores. My sis would love them!!