Thursday, October 11, 2007

Anyone Want To Buy a Charming House in the Country?

After all my endless internal debates about whether or not I should raise my son in the quiet solitude of the country or in the heart of the city, I think I have found the perfect solution ... or rather, it found me. My parents' fire is what initiated a whole new (quite unexpected) option for us. To make a long story quite short - Halis, Isaac and I will be moving to my parents' land (very country setting of 16 acres surrounded by a State protected forest) in Bangor (aka: The city).

I am so very excited about this! And when I share the details in a later post, I think you will understand why. For now, we are getting our house ready for sale. So, again, I ask you: Anyone want to buy a charming house in the country? Just $130, 000 and its yours :) I will even throw in some chickens!


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Paula said...

First off, Congratulations and Happy Anniversary on your 12th year. That has got to be the sweetest post I've ever read...

Now, WA-HOO! Congratulations again on such a hard decision. Sounds like it will be absolutely the best of both worlds. Some lucky duck is going to come by and snatch your beautiful house right up. Good luck to you all...