Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Yeah for Pumpkin Picking!

We did it, we entered into a fun fall activity. That post yesterday really gave me the *umphh* to schedule in some fun time with my little man. Thanks Paula for the inspiration also!

Right here in Corinna, we have this sweet little farm stand with all sorts of pumpkins. But if you choose to, you can go across the street to their pumpkin patch and pick your own for just $2.50 each. So, that is what we did. We chose four beauties, one for each of us plus Meg. It was a good time in the fresh crisp autumn air.

Oh ... and I have a funny story for you all too ... Isaac and I came to this farm stand about a month ago, just to buy a couple of pumpkins for the front porch. When we got out of the truck ... Isaac was amazed by all the pumpkins. He looked at one particularly large one ... mouth agape ... and exclaimed, "Oh sh*t Momma, that's a big one!" I replied, "It sure is Babe" and just smiled. That's my boy. He gets it from his Mom ... so how can I be angry? It is now the latest funny family story...being passed on from relative to relative.

So, join us my friends ... get out there and enjoy fall! (Unless of course, you live in Australia, then I suggest you get out there and enjoy summer :)




Paula said...

Oh my gosh! I'm laughing so hard...too funny! One of Dustins first words was Sh*t! He would say in when he fell down and he drawled it out like a little cowboy. I tried to tell my Mom that I thought he was saying "see it", but she didn't believe me either...

Paula said...

Hey, Jodi, pop over to my site. I have a little something for you...

Missy said...

how funny! Nic announced to the soccer team that his stuffed monkey does not have a penis, so he doesn't need to use the bathroom! I just smiled and agreed with him.....your right, he doesn't have one :)

thanks for sharing a piece of your life with me.


Jodi Renshaw said...

Thanks Missy & Paula.... for always being there to read about my life. Thanks for sharing it with me. I know there are more readers than just yourselves (the stats tell me so) but you guys always leave such great comments. I really appreciate it!