Sunday, October 14, 2007

Happy Birthday to Me.

And for my birthday (though she didn't realize it), my cousin Crystal just sent me these random pictures from her collection:

This is Halis, Isaac and me at my Cousin Jeff's wedding ... being loved on by my second cousins Ana and Lauren. By the way, Isaac's face is one of excitement ... not pain :)

And this is my Dad and my cousin Corey ... a little overcooked ... in Belfast, Maine.

Thanks Crys. It was a great Birthday ... spent doing my yearly birthday ritual (see previous post) ... but this time my parents, husband and Isaac all came along. And I was happy for that. Change is good.... and often ... and I have plenty of gray hairs to prove it. I am now 34 and looking forward to all the big numbers to come!

Enjoy your day!



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Paula said...

Happy Happy Birthday, Jodi! October birthdays are just the very best, aren't they?! I hope it was extra special and especially extra relaxing for you today.