Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Neglecting Fall.

I am the kind of person who used to wait all year for the coming of fall because it meant the following:
  • crisp cool air
  • photographing gorgeous fall leaves
  • my birthday
  • my anniversary
  • friends by the bonfire
  • pumpkin carving
  • hot soups
  • scarecrow making
  • Halloween decorating (my favorite holiday)

But sadly, I have yet to be able to participate in most of the things I love best about fall. There was no birthday celebration, my husband and I both almost forgot our anniversary, not a single Halloween decoration has come out, no soups have been made, no pumpkins carved, and I have sorely missed out on photographing any fall scenes this year. Ugh. Of course, I have plenty of excuses, as my parents home burned down, my husband and I are helping them on a daily basis, we are trying to get our house ready for sale, I have been working on healing a medical issue (don't worry) and we are still working on my mother-in-laws estate issues. SO, we have plenty else going on!

But there is still time! I purchased some pumpkins, I took out the box of Halloween decorations, there are still leaves to be photographed, and I have plenty of ingredients to make a really good soup. There is hope!

So, I must remember to schedule in some fun time --- especially for Isaac --- so that he an experience all the joys of this season. I think a nice fall walk is in order .... provided we can wear enough blazing orange to avoid all the hunters nestled in the treetops (we ran into one yesterday on a short walk down the road). And it's time to carve some funky faces into those massive pumpkins on our porch. I'll be sure to share the photos :)




Missy said...

thanks for sharing the beautiful pictures of the leaves changing! I really miss that. It's still incredible hot in Arizona and we don't see the seasons change. Happy belated birthday. I hope u get the fun things you want!
I'm also very sorry about your parents home. I pray for your new adventure.....and your house sells quickly. I'd love to buy it! I don't know if we could all squeeze into it :)


Paula said...

Take that time, girl! Get out there and enjoy that beautiful Maine fall. Can't wait to see Isaac's jack-o-lantern...