Tuesday, October 30, 2007


The beautiful autumn foliage has passed. The trees are now dormant. The corn fields have been harvested. The chill of winter has arrived. And the birds are flying south...

And as I watch these birds take flight for their new (though temporary) homes in the sunny south, I think of our family's own upcoming migration... to the city. And I am filled with both joyful and fearful anticipation.

Surely, Bangor is not Boston or Detroit or even Nashua, NH. Yet, it comes with the same pluses and minuses of any city. There are wonderful museums and there is horrible traffic. There are sweet downtown bookshops and there are loads of "big box" stores. There are friendly faces and their are house break-ins.

But most importantly ... Bangor has family, Bangor has friends, Bangor has culture, and it is a wonderful compromise. We will still live on rural land ... where my Mom feeds the bears from her back porch (I am very serious). Yet we can travel 3 miles down the road to see the latest independent film.

But there are things I will miss about my country home of 10 years. And I will need some space for a little bit of mourning. But I won't miss the loneliness! And I am certainly ready for our "migration". I know it will be full of new adventures and blessings.

I can't wait to show you all some pictures :) Soon.


Missy said...

Hi Jodi! We have never lived in a home for more than 2 1/2 years! Isn't that silly. I can't explain why? It's just how we are. I look back and wish my children would of had a place to call home. Ten years is amazing. I'm sure you and your family have so many wonderful memories. Just think of what's to come. More memories and a new place to call home!

Best wishes on your new migration.


This Mama said...

I remember not that long ago on this blog you were debating a move to the city, or not.

I am glad you are still in a rural place where you can feed your soul with nature & peace.

BUT the city, and the inspiration that comes from absorbing all culture, the variety, ever just a few hours of chaos can just give you that shot of life you need every once in a while.

I love the balance.

I am going to miss your home too, and I have only visited for what, 4 months now? 10 years is a lot of beautiful memories, I can see why you are sad/mixed feelings.

Take care

Paula said...

When is the big move? I know what a mix of emotions this is for you. A whole lot of brand new memories to look forward to.
Hugs to you,