Monday, October 22, 2007

A Walk to Remember.

Because we will not be living here for much longer, because our neighborhood is gorgeous in the fall, because we all needed a break from our house, because we wanted to say farewell to the migrating birds, and because we love one another and needed some quality time together .... we took a wonderful walk that we will always remember ...

For more great photos of our walk, please see our Flickr site.

I hope you are enjoying the outdoors where you are :)




Anonymous said...

jodi those are beautiful pictures. looks like you'll be leaving a very pretty place. you'll always have the good memorys there. i hope your next home will be just as wonderful. i moved a few months ago- wow what a big job it was,, but once everything settles it all feels good. i have my *own* yard (fenced in even) that me and my little dogs enjoy. and nice to have a safe place for the grandkids to play outside :)
hope you can move into your new home soon. take care. gail

Paula said...

What a beautiful walk! I love to crunch through the fall leaves. Soak up those memories, tho I know you're going to love your new place.
Take care!

Michelle said...

I love the beautiful autumn colors!
I've been to Maine in the summer only, but would love to see it in the fall. Great pics!

Jodi Renshaw said...

Thank you Gail, Paula & Michelle. I wish I could have a big bloggers fall party here at the house :) Wouldn't that be something???

And yes, Paula, I know I am going to love my new place too - I already do. But I will still miss this one :( This was my first home away from home.

Lots of Love,

This Mama said...

Have I told you how much I love Maine? Beautiful!

Anonymous said...

stunning! I just love the crunch of fall leaves :)