Friday, August 29, 2008

A Beautiful Slip of the Camera.

Sometimes I work so hard to take the "best possible" photos ... that I neglect to see the beauty in my photographic "mistakes". This became clear to me when I was searching out a photo for today's blog post. I simply wanted to announce the winner of the "Name This Photo Giveaway" ... and to find a photo that would somehow connect to the giveaway photo:

I must have deleted a hundred "ho-hum" photos from my hard drive in the process of searching out a photo that would fit today's intended agenda. Then I saw this one:

And it spoke to me in a new way. I was just about to delete it when I noticed that it held some unexpected and unintended beauty. This photo was a total accident ... it was a slip of the camera ... and with a few Photoshop fixes ... I have come to love it. So, I will try to remember that beautiful, captivating images cannot always be captured by strict adherence to method and process ... sometimes they just happen ... and they are all the more beautiful because of it. (That goes for SO much else in our lives, doesn't it?).

Anyhow, I am not certain how that thought ties into the announcement of the winning title for the giveaway contest ... but without further ado ... here is the moment that some of you have been waiting for ... the winning title of the toy boat photo is ... "Ti Bato Yo" submitted by Chapter Two Manmi . The title is in Creole and translates to "Little Boats" (it is pronounced "Tsee BAH-toe Yoh."). I just love it.

So, Thank You K! And I look forward to sending you a reward for your submission.

All the title offerings were great ... and I hope to do this again. You guys are so much fun :) Thank you for participating.

Enjoy your weekend ... with all its beautiful "mistakes" ... Talk to ya on Monday.


P.S. My husband just told me that he finds the bubble photo "creepy" and "a little spooky". Hmm. Everyone's a critic!

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