Monday, August 18, 2008

Enjoying Maine : Day 1 : Fishing

I chose Maine ... and Halis followed ... then my parents. I just love it here. Sometimes I think I might prefer the Northwest ... but New England seems to have a permanent grip on me. And I never tire of exploring it. There is just so much to see, do and enjoy here ... most of which involves nature and simplicity (my faves).

Halis took vacation this week, so we fully intend to do some more exploring ... and Day 1 started with fishing in Pushaw Lake. No fish were caught, but we enjoyed the sweet summer breezes, the boating and the company.

And Daddy even performed some "popcorn-in-the-mouth" tricks for us ...

... sometimes with mixed results :)
Good times.

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Sarah and Tim said...

Popcorn in the mouth, thats funny! I love how you captured the corn in the air, and then just swooping past the target! That's great! I love your new camera!