Friday, August 1, 2008

Something New.

Oh how I am totally in love with my new camera. I could shoot photos all day long and never get bored. This camera just makes it so easy ... all around.

So, because I am having such a great time with it ... and I am taking some photos that people have actually expressed interest in purchasing ... and I am trying to raise money for Haitian Roots through my Etsy store ... I thought I might sell some photos over there.

I have placed the following photo for sale:

I have more listings planned as well ... and am very excited about trying something new ... both with the Etsy store and with my creativity. Thanks for sharing in this new venture with me. Your encouragements and support have been so wonderful.



P.S. I have also added some fabric and sewing supplies to the store as well ... a venture that is less creative, but still fun ... as I love handling fabrics :) Who doesn't?

1 comment:

Perla said...

oh how i try not to covet! i want that camera! sigh...
thank you for putting it to such good use for good things! love you!