Thursday, August 21, 2008

Exploring Maine : Day 4 : Home

Is it cheating if I say that we stayed home for today's vacation day so that we could "explore" our yard? Well, to clarify, we didn't actually "explore" ... rather, we "rearranged". More to the point ... Halis rearranged by using my Dad's new toy to move some earth and trees in our backyard.

We now have fewer trees in an area that we are planning to use for either gardening or goat keeping. We are unsure which yet. All we know is that we had to down some trees either way as there were some critters who liked to hide in that little grove of trees --- and my Mom was too afraid that the bears and coyotes might hide in there while Isaac was playing nearby. I think she was being a tad paranoid ... but she is the Queen around here, and I am merely the Princess.

But being a Princess has its privileges, and I was able to talk her into letting me keep a few tall birch trees for shade ... ya know, to put a bench or something underneath. Or to shade the possible spring goats. She agreed.

So, basically, we explored the possibilities of our yard today. I took a few photographs of wildflowers while Isaac chased the chickens around. The weather was great. And sometimes home is the best vacation destination.

Enjoy your day...


Perla said...

your blog and photos are a total ray of sunshine and breath of fresh air to me. thank you!

Paula said...

Your yard looks really nice. I think that a good day at home is many times the best vacation of all!