Tuesday, October 28, 2008

#08 and a Giveaway!

The above shot (my new fave) serves as my second entry in the Digital Photography School Scavenger Hunt . This fits category #8: Candid Portrait. It was taken at the Bangor Raceway this past Saturday (just as my first entry was).

Are any of you giving this scavenger hunt some thought? Please share your entry links here. So much fun.

ALSO ... I am so happy to share with you all that On The Dot Creations is hosting a giveaway from my etsy shop. We are giving away a sweet $25 Gift Certificate to my shop. This is my first "cross promotional" giveaway and I am very excited to see what traffic this may draw to my shop. So, head on over there to enter. And Good Luck!

As for today's Holiday Gifting Tip, you may want to check out this awesome tutorial: Quick Monogrammed Tutorial Gift by Nina Makes. So many uses!

Enjoy your day.




Artful Spirit said...

I love this picture! He is the sweetest thing! I am thinking of doing the scavenger hunt. Is there a time limit?? I need to check it out! I'm gonna go register for your giveaway. I won't win it though, two times in a row would be too much to hope for!

super said...

hi Jodi,
that photo is fantastic. I would love to feature it in this year's mama calendar. email me: coleen at bust dot com.