Thursday, October 2, 2008

If All the World Could See My Son ...

Like every Mom in the world, I think my child is the best looking, most photogenic, wonderfully spirited child anyone could ever know. And I figure that every human being could benefit from seeing his picture on the cover of magazines, in a Gap ad or plastered across the back of a city bus. What joy my son's face could bring to the world, right? I'm glad you agree (humor me here,ok?).

So naturally when I discovered that Gap was looking for some new child models for their 2009 ad campaign, I thought "Hello? My son is right here, thank you!". Then I submitted 5 shots to them via their website. And because you are likely thinking that the world could also benefit from seeing your little bundle of joy ... you can send Gap your shots as well :)

You don't have to stop there either. You can also send your child's pictures to the following:

Kids Talent Network
New Faces
Ford Modeling Agency

To the best of my knowledge, these are all reputable agencies who make their money from those who are seeking talent ... not from you. It is my understanding that if someone requests money from you in order to be a part of their database, they are not a true, reputable modeling agency.

Two of my nephews have done some small modeling jobs in the past. And it was a fun experience for both of them. My nephew Patrick will forever grace the front of a toy package. And my nephew Devon was in a sweet Bob's Store ad. All in good fun.




Anonymous said...

Too funny -- we just submitted pictures of DJ to the Gap website too! Luckily Isaac and DJ will be in different age categories, as I'm sure the Gap marketing team would be totally stumped if they had to pick between our two Haitian princes - LOL!

Artful Spirit said...

I submitted photos of Kenyon this year and last year too! Obviously they didn't pick him last year because they are blind:) Good luck! I hope he makes it!!


Tammy said...

Your little guy has such beautiful eyes. I love his smile. What a proud momma you are. He is a lucky fella. Good Luck!