Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Snow Goodies.

Thinking about snow? Not if you're in California, Australia, or Bermuda, eh? Well, here in Maine, we are nearly always thinking about it. It is coming soon, there is not doubt. But, it is not here yet. The snow that Isaac and his *future wife* are playing in was found outside of the UMaine Hockey Rink ... compliments of the super cool zamboni machine.

These photos got me to thinking about some more great winter related sewing and crafts tutorials (some to be added to the Alternative Gifting List to come). November is just days away ... and winter will soon begin ... so no time like the present to think about creating some of these great goodies ...

Patchwork Scarf Tutorial sewing

Winter Cardinal Tutorial stamping, painting, papercraft

Cashmere Cowl knitting

Snowglobes basic crafting



P.S. For those who have been wondering, my friend Shannon had an amazing meeting with Isaac's birthfamily in Haiti. All went SO well and we have lovely pictures of their day together. We choose not to share them here for the sake of privacy. But thank you all for your prayers and well wishes.

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Artful Spirit said...

I might have to make one of these! You always have the best crafty many cute things so little time! I definitely see a soft tree in my future!