Monday, October 20, 2008

First Craft Show.

This weekend, I finally set up my very first craft show booth at my very first craft fair! It was a great success. I sold several goodies, received lovely compliments, and took in a few special orders. My spot was great, the company of my fellow crafters was enjoyable, and the food that was served there was to die for (fresh doughnuts made to order ... seriously). So, I plan to do this again and again and again. I have at least 4 more shows lined up and am looking forward to more. I think this could get addictive.

Anyway, here are some photos of my booth. Please remember that I am an amateur at the whole "set-up" thing and have already begun improving my marketing style. I am trying to go for a vintage look, so will need to shop around the thrift stores for some ideas. (I would love to hear ideas from you as well).

Thanks for reading & sharing.




Dr. Russ said...

Congratulations on your successful day at the craft fair. I can't believe how much product that you have.

Your spread looks beautiful. My only suggestion would be to change the heights of materials on the long flat table. Get some shoe boxes and cover them with some beautiful paper (vintage prints, etc). Find an old glass cake stand and put a book easel on it to display a sample. If you don't have time to cover shoe boxes, put them under the table cloth and use them with book easels (or even a plate stand).

Guest some ideas that has work for me in the retail world when I used to do visual merchandising.

Once again, congratulations on your success.

Best wishes--russ

Missy said...

looks wonderful! hey, didn't know you made aprons......i'd love for you to make me one......:) let me know.....

Artful Spirit said...

Wow Jodi! This looks fantastic! You may just have a gift for this retail thing! I agree with Dr. Russ, a little height variation goes a long way! (Merchandising is the only thing I do like about my job at the baby store!). You could even use more of those crates or I love the cake stand idea. I love the bags with the owls on them! When do you have time to make all that product! Congratulations on your success! I can't wait until I am able to do some shows!

Jodi Renshaw said...

Thank you all. Yes, Dr. Russ' cake stand idea is great. And I defintely need more crates, etc. Height is key. Dimension is key. I will begin the search for marketing goodies asap.

Thank you all ...

Oh, and Missy ... I don't know when I will make more aprons, but I will let you know. Thanks for the interest.


Amanda Fogarty said...

your treasures are so awesome; they made some lives much brighter and richer, I guarantee.

Amanda Fogarty