Tuesday, October 14, 2008

My Birthday.

I was born 35 years ago today. At 3:15 to be exact. On a Sunday. Daughter of an 18 year old girl and her 21 year old husband ... who are still married to this day :)

I love that I was born in October. I love that the day was beautiful, full of fall foliage, and crisp fresh air. I love that I was born on a Sunday (as is considered a special day according to my Catholic heritage). And I especially love that I was born to two young people who were very much in love.

Every year I like to enjoy the great outdoors in celebration of my birthday. Halis and I have usually travelled somewhere special the weekend before ...to Bar Harbor, Salem MA, Boston, and various spots along the Maine coast. But this year, we decided to stay "home" and play some soccer by the Penobscot River. Perhaps in my "old age", I am less of a wanderer and much more appreciative of all that is local.

So, we hung out at Webster Park in Old Town. We played soccer, ate goodies from The Store at Ampersand, and enjoyed one another immensely. Life is good.

And as I enjoyed my two favorite people in the world, I reflected on whether I was where I wanted to be at the ripe age of 35 ... and I decided YES, yes, yes. I am so enjoying my life right now, as a Mommy, as a teacher, as an artist, as a wife, as a human. I used to have such lofty expectations of where I would be at 35. I was going to be a world famous Marine biologist and photographer. My work would rival that of the infamous Jacques Cousteau. I was going to live on an island off of the Pacific Coast, spending my days watching the migration patterns of Orca whales. I would have one daughter, and a husband who lived away and visited when he could. I would write journals that would later become best sellers. And I would attend high class gala events in honor of my photography. Etc...etc...

And although I wouldn't mind living on that island, and watching those orcas swim by ... I much rather be there with Isaac and Halis ... without any desire to be famous ... or to have a title other than Mommy or Babe (aka Wife).

There are many things I still want to learn and achieve, many ways in which I still want to grow ... but I guess what I am most grateful for on this day is that I am able to appreciate where I already am ... and to embrace it. I have come to learn that that is where happiness lies ... in appreciation and gratitude for what you have, for who you are, and for who is taking the journey with you.

So, on my special day - the day of my birth into this world - I want to thank those who are taking this journey with me - and to tell you how much I love and appreciate you. Hopefully you know who you are ... because if you don't, I am not doing a good job of reminding you how much I love you ... and I will get working on that right away :)

Happy Day to All.




Missy said...

happy birthday!!!!!! the pictures are beautiful :) i'm so happy you are right where you want to be.......


woolanthropy said...

Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday to you!

I hope your year is as wonderful as your day.

Perla said...

happy birthday, my dear, kind, beautiful friend! it looked like a beautiful day. your post was just lovely, so full of gratitude and peace. i'm thankful i was able to read it tonight. i'm glad you got to spend the day with the people you love most in such a beautiful place. what could be better?

and i notice the soccer is becoming a theme...i really do think it is in their blood. :)

again, happy, happy birthday! i love you!

bettyninja said...

Happy Birthday! Lovely photos too!

Jodi Renshaw said...

Thank you all. I so appreciate your words and kindnesses.


Paula said...

Happy happy one day late birtday, Jodi!
Beautiful post ~ beautiful sentiments! You still may be that famous photographer yet and have your loves close as well. I think you're on your way!!

Artful Spirit said...

Happy Late Birthday Jodi! You could still be a successful and famous photographer, just might be a little different than you imagined in highschool:)