Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Baseball Helmet.

I love buying "dress up" clothes and accessories for Isaac. He has an entire box full of all sorts of gear that one might need when looking to role play a character: pirate scarves, princess dresses, fireman hats, a construction belt, wigs of various colors, magic wands, etc. And when I saw the baseball helmet -seen above - at our local Goodwill, I knew it would be a welcome addition to our collection. What I didn't know was that Isaac would want to wear it everyday and everywhere. Or that this helmet, in addition to the thrifted leather baseball glove that we bought a few weeks earlier (also at Goodwill) would spark a rich enthusiasm for baseball in my little man.

Just last night Daddy and Isaac played "baseball" catch in the garage for well over an hour. It was such a pleasure to listen to the encouragements, giggles and praises. Then they came inside to finish watching the Red Sox game together (the Sox won that series - hooray). And as I watched the game with them, I reflected on how important baseball is to an American father/son relationship. I remember my Dad coaching little league for my brother's team. I remember him taking my brother to baseball games and buying him loads of baseball cards, etc. As a little girl, I tried hard to get into their inner baseball circle --- I collected the cards too, I watched Sox games, I wrote fan letters to Wade Boggs (its true), but sadly, I never was truly welcomed into their baseball world. But I am quite sure this time will be different - if I want it to be. I am sure that Isaac and Daddy would be glad to have me share their enthusiasm for the game ... to play catch ... and to root for the Sox. But maybe I will just watch from the sidelines and let this be their "thing".

I think Daddy is now looking forward to the time when I find a youth-sized football helmet at Goodwill. After all, the season has already begun and the Dolphins are 2 -2. Its fall - the perfect time to throw around the ole pigskin.

Enjoy the day.


Pocket Full of Prettys said...

Isaac is so cute in his helmet. I know you must be so proud. And I know too that it is great to see him & his Dad play ball. Children are such a gift. Enjoy him always. Hugs***Renea

Artful Spirit said...

Isaac looks great...like a pro already! So funny that I came across this today, Kenyon and I were just playing baseball this afternoon. Isn't it funny the things children grow attached to. Kenyon has worn a Batman mask and cape around for 4 days now (supposed to be a halloween costume) everywhere we go. If only I could be that confident! :)

Perla said...

isn't it such a joyful thing when you spark something in your child that they then just migrate towards and you realize that you may be watching the initial sprouts of a lifelong love? what fun! when andre first got soccer cleats he wore them all day, every day, even to sleep.

Jodi Renshaw said...

Pocket full of Pretties - Thank you. I do SO enjoy Isaac. And I will gladly hug him for you :)

Artful Spirit - I can SO see Kenyon running around with his Batman costume on! What a hoot!

Perla - Soccer cleats in bed? Ouch! Isaac has begun playing soccer as well. And I have to say, it seems to come very natural to him to keep the ball close to him. Maybe its in their Haitian genes :)

Love to you all,