Friday, October 17, 2008

Mom-Prenuer Shop-A-Thon: because the holidays are coming.

Chances are that since the weather has cooled and the days have gotten shorter, you too have thought about holiday gift giving. And chances are that since the economy is in big trouble and the corporations are receiving bailouts, you too have thought to make your purchases from hardworking "Mom & Pop" shops. And chances are that because you have heard so many horror stories about the horrendous manufacturing processes of all those toys that are made in China, you too have thought maybe it is best to buy locally made and/or handmade goodies.

Well good. I have an idea for you ... head on over to the Mom-Prenuer Shop-A-Thon to check out all the wonderful handmade, non-toxic, no bailout, goodies that these hard-working Moms (and sometimes Dads) have put together for your holiday shopping (me included). You will be glad you did. Yummy, yummy goodies galore.

And if you still need some holiday shopping help after that ... always check out your local craft shows. I will be presenting at one tomorrow in Eddington, ME. I'll let you know how it goes.

Enjoy your weekend.




Hobocamp Crafts said...

Thank you for nominating me for the mugs! I just saw your comment today!
I love your top banner and all the photography- so great!
Hope you're doing well!

Artful Spirit said...

Great links Mrs. Jodi! I'm glad that you liked the post I did on your shop. I don't have a lot of readers yet, but hopefully it will introduce someone new to your shop! Happy Sunday!

You've been tagged!!


Felicia said...

I'm loving your shop! Mitzi introduced me to it! We are starting up a new meme here is the info:
Go Graham Go and Jolly Mom are teaming up to bring you our very first meme: Make Something Monday! We are excited to see this take off! So many of our blogging buddies out there are extremely crafty (we like to get in on the craftiness as well) and we want to be able to connect to each other and hopefully showcase the bloggers who are truly serious about their hand-made products! Come visit Go Graham Go and grab the graphic from the sidebar for your post and join us on Monday’s!

Felicia said...

Are you wanting to be in on Playing Santa or the "Make Something Mondays?" You are more than welcome to both. Of course, the meme is open to ANYONE! If you want to play Santa you will need to pick your #1 item from a Christmas list (child or mommy) and do a review. I really love to have slideshow or video included of the product. If you are up for that just send me a message through the contact button on my page.

If you are just wanting to do the meme...just post about what you made and make sure to include the "make something monday" button in your post. You can grab the button from my site!

Thanks for stopping by!