Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Decision Made! On to Another One...

Okay, so we made this decision quite a while ago and I just forgot to tell you ... oops. Anyway, we have chosen puppy #1 ! He's the gentler, more submissive puppy who loves to eat and sleep.
Now we just need a name. The folks who are raising him call him "Pork Chop" and "Tubby"... most undignified of course ... but true. We tend to pick more 'human' names around here. We currently have Jenny, Jack and Tasha. Only cats get undignified names because they are such ridiculous creatures (okay, I don't mean to offend all you cat lovers, I just can't stand cats although I have two - Boo Kitty and Dukie). So, I am hoping to find this little man his own dignified name. But I really haven't a clue.
Meaghan thinks we should have another 'J' name. Halis thinks we should call him something that refers to his rather chubby frame. His current owner thinks an Australian name would be a good idea. And I - again - have no clue. So, I am hoping for some ideas from some of you :)



Missy said...

he's so cute and cuddly! not sure on a name? here are some of the "boy" names we've had for our dogs

la braun

Jodi Renshaw said...

Great names! I like Oscar, Wrigley & Gunner. I will defintely think on those. Plus, I am a sucker for names that begin in vowels, so Oscar sounds great.

Still looking for more ideas guys! Keep em coming :)

~ Jodi

Sue said...


That's all I can come up with for now. I have always wanted to name one of my pets George, but nobody would ever let So I went with Sam and Jake.

Good luck and good choice with your new little pup. CUTE!!!


Jodi Renshaw said...

Thanks Sue,
I like George too! And that goes with Jenny and Jack... when I am shouting out to them all to come in :) I also like Oliver and Jake. We think we might name our next son Eddie, so that is out (short for Edmond).

Thanks! I really like the advice I am receiving.


Jodi Renshaw said...

PLEASE sEE NEW POST - WE named him "Chase". THanks for the ideas guys :)

` Jodi