Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Time to pack for another week of fun, relaxation, and spiritual growth at Ferry Beach! Every year, for the past several years, our family heads to Saco, Maine for a week long "Friends and Family" conference at the Unitarian-Universalist Conference Center - Ferry Beach. I lovingly call it church camp :)

As always, I am looking forward to it. But this year, unless I can convince Meaghan otherwise (and I am trying), Isaac and I will be the only ones attending.... though Halis will make a couple of appearances. Last year, Isaac wasn't walking. So, this year should be so fun for him (and less of a back-breaker for me)!

Now it is time to pack. These trips require lots of careful packing ... and this may take me a few days. Not to mention that I need to spend the next few days convincing Meaghan that she REALLY wants to go (she has had another vacation offer). And Daddy is starting to get some anxiety over not seeing his boy for a while ... so they are needing some special Daddy-and-Me time. All sorts of prep for just 7 days away!

I will be back here tomorrow - till then, I leave you with some pics from last year's conference. The rest I will post on Flickr within a day or two. Enjoy!




Rob and Mandy Brelsford said...

I know who you look like now - the actress Rachel Wiesz! (finally it clicked when I saw your pic today) No wonder you husband is so smitten, not only are you an artist but you are a total hot Mama as well...

Have fun at church camp :)

Jodi Renshaw said...

You are so gracious. And let it be known by all my readers, that when I first saw YOUR blog, I wrote to you immediately to tell you how gorgeous I thought YOU were. And that is how we "met". Us Mamas need to hear how sexy we are every once in a while ;) Thank you.

Mimi said...

What wonderful pics :) Thansk for commenting on my blog

Much Luv