Sunday, July 29, 2007

Welcome Home, Chase.

Today we brought our new puppy home. As you can see, he was quite taken with Isaac and chose to stay on his lap for the hour ride home. Isaac was so pleased. Every time the puppy would whimper, Isaac would kiss him and rub him tenderly. It made Daddy and I beam with pride.

After several weeks, and many great suggestions, we finally decided on a name ... Chase. It came to us as Mark (the man who housed the litter) called out to his son, Chase. I looked at Halis and said, "That's it!". And frankly, it was the first name Halis and I could agree on. I suggested: Anakin, Wesley, and Severus (Snape is my favorite Potter character). But Halis turned them all down. Maybe next time :)



P.S. Yes, Chase has one blue eye and one brown. He got his one blue eye from his Daddy (our Jack) and one brown from his Mommy (Mark's Sydney).

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