Monday, July 2, 2007

Isaac's Latest Quilt is Complete!

I finished Isaac's latest quilt over the weekend. Not bad timing either considering that I just started it last week and I usually get distracted by other projects for a few months before I actually finish that which I originally started.
What progress!Anyway, it is a very simple quilt that consists of 6" squares of many of Isaac's favorite "things". It was a breeze to piece together. I lined it with 100% cotton muslin between the top and the matching backing ... thus making it a light summer quilt. Then I machine topstitched around each square as well as the borders. Lastly, I handstitched the binding. It was a fun and simple project that I will likely make many more of ... including perhaps some on Etsy if anyone is interested ;)

For Isaac's sake, I also thought I would detail here what each square represents for him. From top to bottom, left to right ...
  1. Chickadees in Birch Trees: you love to watch them fly and to listen to their songs.

  2. Household Tools: you rather play with screwdrivers than with any toy.

  3. Horses: you call them "neighs" and you get tickled every time you see one.

  4. Dogs: Jack is your favorite and you always need to pat every dog you see.

  5. Planes: the sound of a plane can stop you in your tracks. You love to watch them in the sky.

  6. Construction Vehicles: really... what boy doesn't love them?

  7. Tigers: though you have only seen them in books, you are fascinated by them.

  8. The Sky: one of your first phrases was, "Hi Sky" as you admired the clouds.

  9. Flowers: Son, you would be content to play in a patch of wildflowers for most of the day.

  10. Ducks: you love to follow our pet ducks around. This was also one of your first words.

  11. Cats: against my better judgement, you do love cats. Ugh.

  12. Crayons: not to draw with, but to throw all over the room and down the stairs.

  13. Dancing: your absolute favorite activity. I also imagine that this square represents you and your future brother.

  14. Music: one needs music to dance! And you love to sing to it, too.

  15. Bears: Little Bear, Pooh Bear, Brother Bear. You have a thing for watching bears on TV.

  16. Watching TV: though we certainly limit your viewing, you are wild for Sesame Street, Little Bear, etc.

  17. Farm Animals: we love to visit all the farm animals we can find!

  18. Chickens: how could you live at our home and NOT love chickens?

  19. Rabbits: you call them "BunBuns" and you love to search the yard for them.

  20. Kids: boy do you love to hug other kids. Especially Meg, Devon and Sydney.

  21. Nuts and Bolts: you are forever collecting nuts, bolts, screws and nails around the house so that you can hand them to Daddy.

  22. Farm Tractors: they drive by our house often and you never tire of watching them.

  23. Dandelions: Mommy taught you how to blow their seeds all around. This excites you.

  24. Cars & Trucks: while driving, you love to show Mommy the difference between a car and a truck.

  25. Frogs: ribbit! Your first gift from Mommy and Daddy was a stuffed frog that croaks. He is often your favorite dance partner.


Jodi (aka Mommy)


Paula said...

Oh, those details of his quilt are so sweet! I can't believe how fast you finished that. What a wonderful little quilt for him!

Babette said...

Now I know what love is...