Friday, July 20, 2007

Last Minute Vacation Sewing!
It is always important to have some handmade goodies with you while you roam the beach (add that to my growing list of personal mottos). So, since I am all packed and ready to go, I took the day to make some "must-have" beach items.
And to make the day even more exciting, I have sewn my first piece of clothing! Isaac can be seen below sporting a TURKISH TUNIC ... or at least my version of one. It is made with hand-dyed fabric that I purchased years ago. He looks more like a Hippie than he does a Turk. But Daddy was happy for the effort. I think I will make Isaac several more... with at least one of them looking more traditionally Turkish (with embroidery around the collar and sleeves). This first one he can wear at the beach.
Oh, and Isaac would only "pose" for me while jumping on the bed:

Then I had to embellish a shirt to match Isaac's seashell collecting bag:

And finally, since we are going to be missing Daddy all week, I had to make myself a tote bag/purse with his picture on it. This was my favorite project. I also started a matching wallet but it is not yet completed.

I am crazy for this material. It is canvas-like upholstery fabric. And it is so luxurious in person. I may re-do my whole world in this stuff!
Well, now that I have been in a frenzied state of sewing for the day, I really don't want to leave my sewing machine behind because I have all sorts of new & exciting sewing ideas banging around in my head. But I will be bringing lots of embroidery for a new quilting project. Oh yeah, and my Harry Potter book!!!
Leaving Tomorrow,


Missy said...

wow! you've been busy! i love that tote bag :) the green is beautiful.....i may need to order one of those :) issac looks cute in his tunic.

you make me want to start sewing :) and now i feel like taking a trip to the beach.


Paula said...

Nice projects and all in ONE day?? Wow! I especially love that fabric on the bag. Nice!

Jodi Renshaw said...

Thank you ladies :)
We are back now, and I am going to begin sewing for Etsy. I got lots of compliments about the bags while I was walking the beach. So, I'll let you know!