Monday, July 30, 2007

Good Gracious, He's Adorable!

It is hard to believe that any creature could be THIS adorable. However, with Jack as his Daddy, he was bound to be a "looker".

So, all is well here. Father & Son are getting along just fine ... though Jack did try to kill (or at least maim) the puppy last night. It actually looked like we were going to have to find the pup another home ... Jack was so angry. But by some miracle, Jack figured out that Chase was not a threat - but rather, a puppy. And that it would be quite fun to play with him. So, Jack is now thoroughly enjoying Chase and has begun herding him and protecting him from the ornery cats and the often obnoxious chickens.

I think we will all get along just fine. We are all so excited to have Chase here ... and I can't wait for Meg to meet him :) I imagine I will be be posting endless pics of this litte guy onto Flickr.




Paula said...

OH MY! He is completely adorable and looks incredibly soft. I can almost smell his stinky puppy breath. What fun for you guys. I bet Isaac is loving this!

Missy said...

he's so cute! i love his name. seems fitting......enjoy puppyhood!


Jodi Renshaw said...

He does have stinky puppy breath! Funny that you remember that about puppies :) Thank you & MISSY for your sweet comments.


Cousin Nicole said...

He's adorable, Jodi!! I love his eyes. Makes me want another puppy - - but with a baby coming and 2 dogs already at home, that probably wouldn't be the best plan!! :) Just gives me another reason to come live with you for a while!!

Jodi Renshaw said...


You are welcome here anytime!

Oh, and as for 'best plans' ... I purchased Jack just before Isaac came home. A puppy AND a new baby. "Brilliant!" But I am glad that Isaac will have grown up with his dogs... though I may not recommend my situation to others :)

So, hopefully after the baby comes, you can visit us sometime! And bring that crazy husband of yours :)

Love you,

Rob and Mandy Brelsford said...

What a handsome pup that Chase is!! Good choice on the name as well :) Ever since I saw the movie "Babe" Ive been smitten