Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Owls in Corinna.

Thanks to the Corinna Library and the Chewonki Foundation, Meaghan, Isaac and I have learned more about owls than we ever could have imagined. And we got to see some live ones too!

I never gave owls much thought before, but now I find them absolutely fascinating. I want to head out into the woods to photograph them. I never knew that Maine had such a diversity of them. To see more photos from the "Owls in Maine" presentation, please check out my Flickr stream (to the right).

What kind of fascinating animals do you have in your area? Or maybe, like me, you have yet to discover them all :)

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Paula said...

Owls are very cool critters!

My favorite local animal is also a bird. Puffin's are funny little black and white birds with great big orange beaks that tend to stay pretty far out in the ocean. They do come in sometimes in the winter and are complete show-off's - diving and swimming really fast especially if someone is watching. Very cool little guys!